Creeper Bay

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  1. View attachment 17414 We have worked so hard on many of these builds, Many of us even consider it our home on EMC, there have been many associated with this project Including Diamond Member o0_JetFire_o0 and MissMadison910, and Gold Member RobDanB..... We also have many Non-Donors HarshSolitude, Billbob352, TedAvenger1, M4nic_m1ner, Aerokill, and many more. We have over 12 Members and here are some of our Buildings 2013-07-05_06.43.06.png 2013-07-05_08.05.07.png 2013-07-05_08.05.54.png 2013-07-05_08.06.09.png 2013-07-05_08.14.50.png 2013-07-05_08.15.18.png 2013-07-05_08.15.48.png 2013-07-05_08.16.12.png 2013-07-05_08.17.21.png
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  2. on smp6? and i wasnt invited D:
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  3. Yes on SMP6 it is nothing personal we have only invited very few people only people we know in real life or talk to on Skype Ect.
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  4. Looks like a cool place! Good work! :)
  5. I don't think I'm allowed... Just Sayin'
  6. what do you mean your not allowed?
  7. Never mind
  8. You have bin there.
  9. BuMp!
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