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  1. I think there should be a Only Creative Server for the creative people of the server. I tried see if if anyone posted anything about this but i didnt see anything.
  2. This already has been suggested and denied so many times I can't count it on all my fingers and toes.
  3. It could be
  4. Oh sorry my bad i did see any :p
  5. actually i think it would be: because smp stands for Survival MultiPlayer

    but as PenguinDJ said it has already been denied many times
  6. as PenguinDJ said it has been suggested so many times me and the Dj's fingers and toes combined couldn't count it. don't lose hope because I bet eventually it will happen but until then the closet you can get to creative a a mega mall, a utopian res and a ton of rupees :)
  7. I would not go as far as saying that a creative server is a denied request completely. Just that it has not made it onto the Empire's Roadmap quite yet; potentially but no guarantees in the future.
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  8. There is, its called stage :p
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  9. interesting, but this is a SMP.(Survival MultiPlayer) So it would break up the empire if we had one...
  10. There are lots of Creative builders on emc, If you want to build, just make enough money, but also get your own items, Thats what i do. If there was a creative it would destroy the EMC Comunity, in more ways than you think.
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