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  1. So, so far i havent done much "creative" buildign on any server, but i have a plot in utopia that im planning on becming my masterpiece.

    I have a question: What woudl you guys like it to be?

    we have hotels already, amusement parks, world of wonders... a rubik cube!

    As im nto imaginative myself, I'd like some ideas to start sorting through and decide
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  2. Hmm.

    Monument to Staff.
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  3. ....

    conceited much?
  4. Hey, it's still an idea.
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  5. No

    But everyone needs to know that we command respect. :)
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  6. A 120x120x120 designer bedroom for Zoƫ Elizabeth :)
  7. Build big staff statue :D
    And make a wish board.
  8. ok, browsing the interwebz i came accross a great image... found my creation... BEWARE!
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  9. Find some architecture or building styles that you like, and try to emulate them, maybe? Whatever you feel like : D
  10. You know, you don't have to put a [space] to keep :D from becoming :D

  11. Learn something new everyday :P. Although it's ~14 characters less, and I'm a lazy butt sometimes.
    Edit: I derped.
  12. It is still a solution though.
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  13. As I said, the call has been made, desing is on its way, currently as of this post im working on the blueprint on my lot in Utopia.

    While not required, I'll be accepting donations of sandstone for the first phase of the structure... 120x120 plot is a lot of space =P
  14. I may have some extra sandstone lying around. If you make a sandstone donation chest or something, I can dump it in there :3
  15. as soon as i figure out how to make a donation chest where ppl can donate but not take out.. perhaps a shop buying for free?
  16. Exactly : )
  17. This is phase one, blueprint (no im not flying its Quake Pro's FOV on top of a dirt block up there)

    Imma put a challenge here.

    It'll have a cost tho to fund the creation

    10r per guess on phase 1

    you guess right on the final creation and you get 5k rupees

  18. I'll take a guess. I'm thinking its a companion cube.
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  19. :D:D

    Set up the Sign as such:

    Your name
    64, 32 or what ever
    :free S
  20. Thanks m8, sign setup at plot 5036 in Utopia phase 2 is on the proccess btw.. screenshot when done
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