[Creation] SMP6 Mall (In Progress)

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  1. So I'm working on a new mall currently on SMP6 and I want it to make an impact, I'm currently designing it in a Creative world and I want your opinions on it and maybe a few pointers.

    Step 1

    So I went with a Quartz, Stone Brick look and, I think it looks okay, but I don't know about the textures, I might replace the brick with something else, I'm just not sure yet. Perhaps some new block coming in 1.7.2. I threw in two Beacons, I plan on having 2 maybe 3 more, but what I happen to like, is the enchantment tables covering them. It's not much, but I plan on adding a lot more.
  2. In my personal opinion, I'm sick and tired of seeing all these malls flashing around DCs of ore blocks and other things that cost a fortune. What ever happened to a nice cozy Oak, Stone Brick, White Wool, Oak Plank and Glowstone building?

    Like, come on. Need some more Original Ideas here.

    Sorry to be so negative.
  3. Its going to be expensive just use stone or wool?
  4. looks good, but you have to remind that when you build in EMC you are not in creative and you have to buy all the expensive materieals and that will cost a fortune, so the best is to make a mall from materials that look good together and dont cost way to much rupees. (that is my personal opinnion)
  5. I love that you are willing to spend that much money and that much time and effort to get enough quartz, glowstone, beacons, enchant tables, stone, etc to build your mall. It shows time and dedication. :D
  6. Great job :)
  7. Well for future reference, for those saying it costs a lot, I have over two DCs of quartz ore, 9 stacks of circle stone and glowstone farms with villagers. So I mean it's not hard to get this stuff, they're just expensive. Thanks for the feedback though, I might end up changing it though to hardened clay instead of quartz.
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  8. Har-dened clay! har-dened clay! it's unique and looks spiffy!
  9. Step 1.1

    So as some of you mentioned Wood, and suggested using less expensive blocks, I decided to go with logs for the
    center of the support beams. I thought they looked great with the natural aspect of the fountain in picture 1.
    I followed the stone brick, and will show the wall design in Step 2 early on today.
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  10. Step 1.2
    So I threw in bushes to continue with the Natural Aspect of the entrance, but to break it up I put some on top of anvils. I'm not too sure about this so let me know what you guys think.

    Step 2

    The wall design is possibly my favorite part I went with the Red Hardened Clay as there is in the entrance, I used more anvils for the supports (don't worry I can afford it) and used the cobble walls as well. The windows add the transparent look behind it, and I might replace them with White Stained glass when 1.7 is released.
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  11. yeah cause its not like there is a plethora of wood, glass and wool malls out there. a good mall will have creative aspects to it, this drives up the psychic value of you shopping there.
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  12. First, good use on the wood Plethora.

    Second, my thoughts exactly, I always thought that even if you don't use diamond blocks, or gold or emeralds, the fact that you put so much time and money into making a mall that you'd be more incited to keep it in stock. or at least that's how I feel...
  13. Alright I kinda got carried away...

    Step 1.3

    I did quite a bit here, as you can see we worked the second floor and we finished the entrance's face. The red clay worked out really well in my opinion.

    Step 2.1

    I finished the left wall, and as you can see, we used the item frames along the top, I placed the lily pads in them cause I figured it would contrast and just jump out at players that it attracts the eyes to the wall.

    Step 3

    This is where I got carried away, I just had so much fun making this statue; I didn't wanna stop, I managed to finish it and the dome shaped center xD

    Again let me know what you guys think. :)
  14. Nice! Its all good work to me.
  15. looks great :)