[CREATION] Mob Arena!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about my Biggest Creation ever! It's called, the Sunrise_Mob-Arena. I built it in my Realm, that I own, And if you wanna see it in real life, like, get invited to my realm, tell me and I'll invite you. But, you just get to see the Arena and then I de-invite you, I don't really want you in my server, sorry, I only invite people I know in real life. I couldn't take pictures, my Minecraft was glitching out, and wouldn't let me take pictures. That's why I'm saying I can invite you and you can see my Realm. If you wanna come, I'm hosting an event at 5:30 tomorrow. That's the time I'm gonna let you see that Creation. I'm only letting people see it tomorrow, it's 5:30 EMC Time. I don't know when it ends, but, that's when it starts. I hope you come, kits aren't ready, so, I'll give you which kit you want out of GMC. (Game-Mode Creative.) Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this Thread, Please come visit me tomorrow! Also, Big shout out to CameronKitty (TheDeathCat101) With helping me build this!!! I'm not sure, But I think he's coming to my Event, Tomorrow. Anyways, See y'all tomorrow!
  2. I'm pretty sure it is againt the rules to advertise something out of EMC........
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  3. I'm not sure thats advertising, and if it is, I didn't know. I just want people to know about it.
  4. Guys, sorry if I advirtised, also, I just didn't know, and, I wanted to tell people about this.
  5. 1. Please try not to double post like this, forum rules state no double posting

    2. This would probably be fine if it was in the misc. section or something along those lines, the thing is here that you have put it in the "EMC Creations" area. This is not an EMC creation, it is your realm, so next time please take it to the right area. I'll report the post for you so hopefully a mod can move it for you. :)
  6. Thank you.