[Creation/Improvement] Tree Farm

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  1. After seeing cubehamsters tree farm I immediately built it and realized that things were somewhat broken on it. I continued to fix it and add my own features but after the 1.5 update it was just completely broken. Then recently I saw a video by Mumbo Jumbo showcasing his. I thought that his leaf crusher was a little lacking. So I took it to myself to totally redesign the machine to make it faster and better. It might not be the most compact but its EMC friendly and a better version than I have seen so far. 2013-06-08_18.00.28.png

    It might not destroy all of the leaves but it destroys enough to get multiple saplings back. Also it has a BUD switch making it automatic (no use of a button). Finally it has a bone meal dispenser so you could afk and holding only a sapling. Personally I am very proud of this being that I built it from the ground up.
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  2. Will you make a tutorial?....
  3. I made this one a while ago on emc, did you slow the sand pusher down so it dose not break the sand?
    You can add a chain of hoppers from the dispenser to a chest out side and as long as you keep the hoppers on the inside full of bone meal they don't pick up saplings:)
  4. Actually it doesnt use sand.
  5. how do you move the logs then?
  6. I use a triple piston extender to push them forward. Then a double piston piston extender to pull them back
  7. I just took a second look at your pic and I can kinda see that now.

    Do you a have a video of it working?
    Do Big oak tree's case problems with this design?
    is this on emc already? if so can I see it pretty please :D

    I'm very curious now you must show us more.
  8. Sadly big oaks are a problem, but seeing as that i already have a farm for oak trees I do no need to make it work with them. Finally no it is not on EMC yet. But I do plan to implement it
  9. Do a video demonstration/tutorial please! :)
  10. Bump, I should be making a video about it later today
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  11. can you make a world download? I srsly wanna make on EMC lol.