[CREATION] Gigantic 56x56x28 Cake

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Agent_Notch, Jun 18, 2012.


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  1. I am currently working on builduing a 56x56x28 cake on res 718 of smp1 and i am about half way through the builduing of it. I will now be off for a few days as my current comuper is being fixed. Builduing will be paused and i would highly appreciate if you took the time to visit and maybe donate. Many Thanks, Agent_Notch.

  2. This is looking great so far.
  3. Where is rob?
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  4. Sunds awesome, maybe I will take a look!
  5. That looks awesome! Donated 250r
  6. Thank You Very Much TealiaStar and any other donators :D
  7. Thanks to an anonymous donator for 500r!
  8. How bid is Rob's cake? :p
  9. I didnt even know rob had a cake :D. 56x56x28 is the biggest you can have on a 60x60 res
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  10. Big thanks to everyone that donated :D
  11. i donated yesterday :D
  12. Thanks Dylan :D
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  13. Thanks for 1,000r someone :D
  14. Thanks to everyone that voted! :D
  15. why not 60x60?
  16. Rob is going to have a cakegasim...
  17. Hope this cake isn't a lie, haha can't wait to see it
  18. Hey Dylan, it cant be 60x60 because it will all be odd sizes and wont be a true cake :D
  19. so if you may, please change your posts.
  20. Geez, so many people making cakes. :) You know what would be really challenging? A mound of ice cream. I bet no one's thought of that. Except me. :)