[Creation] EMC's Nicest fountain

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  1. Hi guys, earlier i rset my res, and i had a great idea to create a fountain. This fountain is now almost done, as it is still in the works. But, this is..my fountain. COme visit it at 2114 on SMP1, also taking donations!

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  2. looks amazing from a distance :)
  3. Nice, but may i ask how did u got cords in your screen
  4. Really nice, but not the NICEST one on EMC. Still, really good. Made it to my top 2 list.
  5. Coords in the screen. The only way to get the coords there, is to use xray. i know because i used to use it for single player.
    (dont anymore). Trust me, its the ONLY way to get coords in the top left
  6. Actually, there's a mod called Advanced HUD that lets you put the debug screen wherever you want. On the other hand, those coords are not vanilla...
  7. I sincerely doubt that that is the ONLY way to get choords... It is probably part of a mod pack or something.
  8. If he had x-ray, will he see THROUGH the blocks?
  9. Yes, most x-ray hacks work so you can see through all but strategic blocks such as ores, coal, furnaces, chests, lava, and water.
  10. So you're telling me his don't work :confused:
  11. What? Edit: You can toggle them on and off.
  12. You said
    So I thought it didnt work
  13. You can toggle them on and off with a key.
  14. Oh. I think he has x-ray!
  15. You don't even know what it is at first -_- Don't accuse people on the forum.
  16. Looks awsome with or without x-ray :)
  17. Yes guys its xray.. But i dont use it bc i never go to wild. aikar told me of a mod to use that seperates the sigle player mods from multiplayer. And i just have to download that and get that all situated guys:) so no worries ive had my encounter with the mods already. Ive asked them and Aikar told me how to seperate! :)
  18. im sure thats x-ray... are there any other mods you can get those cords with?