[Creation] Atriux Storage

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  1. Finally finished building much of my storage here on Smp8.
    Its all underground below the main house.
    The current spawn is straight to the storage for all to come check out for a while
    Residence is 17011 - Happy Building!

    Edit: it costed some 450k to build this place (Quartz is not your cheapest material these days!)
  2. Bump 4 Australia! c:
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  3. Very nice indeed! :D
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  4. Will check asap :D
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  5. Looks fantastic! :)
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  6. This is a STORAGE??
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  7. Really nice job south, it's awesome! Just checked it out for myself upon smp8 :D
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  8. OMG! That is the most awesomeness storage I have ever seen!!! Simple and elegant. For a minute I thought I was in a shopping mall or a business complex. I mean some of the big rooms look like parking decks/garages. Just need some elevator music. hehe :p

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  9. Nice place :) Not sure using it as storage is ideal, but might as well make use of it. :)
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  10. xD I can easily convert it to a mini mall later if ever needed but very unlikely c:
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  11. Yea, no matter what purpose it serves, it's a beautiful build. :)

    Shop, museum, hotel, etc.
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  12. Wow. Amazing job.