Creating Super Craft Brothers Characters!

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  1. I am making Super Craft Brothers Characters for you! I just need these things-
    Name for Head of character
    Color of Shirt (Only One Color!) (T afterwards with space=Thorns I, P=Protection 3)
    Color of Pants (Only One Color!)
    Color of Boots (Only One Color!) (P=Protection 2, PP=Protection 4)

    Main weapon (Any item (No modded items or one time use items NOTE:Can be a block))
    Enchantments of Main weapon (Not op. Max sharpness-3 Max knockback-2 Max fire aspect- 1)
    Secondary weapon (Must be one time use item or bow w/ Punch I or Flame I) (Optional)
    Potion effects-

    Jump boost level= 1-6
    Speed level- 0-2
    Fire restiance level- 0-1

    All characters will be kept safe in the vault of characters.
    You don't actually get the character in EMC
  2. Is this is the right place? I haven't gotten any replies. If in the wrong place, will a mod move it to the right place please?