creating a shop problem....

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by swimeralex, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. well here the thing:
    When I try to sell charcoal, (the id is 263:1) and I put in 263:1 263 1, 263.1 or anytthing else it wont work. and if I just put 263 and when someone tries to buy it it sais "shop is out of stock" even though there is 128+ charcoals in it. and the same thing goes with collored wool. help?
  2. Why not just use 'coal' for the ID?

    EDIT - or 'charcoal' don't know which one it is. Both might work.
  3. Go to the Empire Store (/store) and see what is used on the signs for the item you want to sell :)
  4. I did use "coal" but still didnt work...
  5. ok thanks justin
  6. i don't think "charcoal" is in the store coal is but charcoal is different

    you can try to hold the item in your hand and type /iteminfo see what it says there
  7. Yeah I plan on making a large list of every item for the guide, but I was just going to wait for the next MC release since a lot will be added :)