Create a custom lizard skin. Winner gets 10k

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  1. Hello, Im looking for someone to make me a custom skin for me. I have no idea how to do it so I want someone to do it for meh. There will be a Prize of 10k to the winner that I will pick. The Contest will end in a weeks time. Have fun!
  2. Done. I'll send it to you in a PM?
  3. Wow that was pretty fast.
  4. I make skins fast, i've been making them since I started Minecraft in 2009 :p
  5. I havent received it yet...Ill try it on when i do
  6. I sent it to you.
  7. I got it, took me a while to get it to work, was being a pain. Looks Nice.
  8.'s been down for awhile.
  9. Done, i'll upload it to imgur and send you the link.
  10. Night time bump
  11. Morning bump
  12. What's to say that these people aren't just grabbing them off of Skindex?
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  13. I can post a screenshot to prove I did it with my own hands.
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