Crazy project!.... THE.... SHIRE!

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good idea?

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  1. so i had this idea. a hobbit hole... but why not make a hobbit village? like the shire? yeah! but where do i put it? surface space is vauluable... how about underground? cool! how about a day/night cycle using pistons? ..... you my friend, are a genious! you shall get the nobel piece prize!
    ok i got a little ahead of myself, but i think that this would be a great utopia project. if anybody would like to help, you can donate me a lot of non sticky pistons. NON-STICKY! but i think it would be great to have a small shire replica using pistons in a square pattern to make a day/night cycle using black/blue wool, cyan wool, white wool, and glowstone. and of course a lot of redstone, pistons, repeaters, and torches. now this is just a dream, and ill ask a few people to help me, but i will take minor donations like shovels, to dig the stuff out. right now i dont want anything! i wont be starting for a while. just reply here what you think of the idea or if you could help.
  2. ^ agreed
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  3. sweetness! i just tested my sun/moon cycle in a single player map and i only need a tad of adjustment now so i can add more segments onto it, but it works great and looks great from below! shire here i come!
  4. I will support this idea whole-heartedly, when you need materials other than wool, just let me know and I'll give you what I can.
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  5. I think this is a awesome idea!
    I love the "Lord Of The Ring" movies (but I haven't read the books....)
    Only one problem for me...
    I am not a diamond supporter!!!:(
  6. Once I get my wool farm fully up and running out of SMP2, I will start sending in all the wool I can afford!
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  7. thanks :) hopefully i wont mooch too much off of other people, but you never know.... ill try to reimburse you in some way, like paying you. donating is overated :p
    hate to say this, but... anynbody can go into the utopia town. you just cant claim your own lot or go into the wild/nether. so feel free to stop by a 5014!
    that sounds great! :) wool will be in a greaet need for this project, so i will probably use all that i need. i just need to figure everything out, determine all the tools and blocks needed, and then ill be good!

    i might even let a couple people "join" by having me set up access signs... possibly.

    im also excited that people seem to like it, but i might have a problem about extending the redstone past the 15 block limit. i know that it certaintly wont be a 15x13x ? block area. i might have a few ideas, but im no master with redstone. help would be greatly apreciated. :)
  8. You can just use repeaters to extend the 15 block limit... if the wool is the problem you can just add a layer above the wool for redstone. Not too sure what your vision is so it is hard to be helpful.
  9. Oh..
    This was embarrasing....
    But then I'll drop by sometime and donate some things;)
  10. Yes just YES
  11. Wow that sounds great! I'm in!
  12. The books are amazing, J.R.R. Tolkien is a master author. LOTR can't be truly appreciated unless you have read it at least a few times.
    The Silmarillian is another of Tolkiens work, although extremely complex to read it is considered by many (including myself) to be his best work. It delves into a deeper history of middle earth, but is like trying to read the bible backwards and still try to make sense of it.
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  13. really? i got the book in a set but i never had time to read it... i sdhould do a search for it. :p
    one does not simply walk into the shire....
    wait... wtf am i talking about?!?!?!?!?! i think taht depending on how much people donate ill give them a house to match.

    and by donating i mean like a little help digging, building, and minor donations. if it would cost you over 200 rupees you are giving me too much. :) but seriously, i think that it will take a while for me to finish it all up. im working on a way to make it larger tahn the 13 block push limit of pistons and the 15 block restrictions of redstone.

    any insite would be EXTREMELY valuable. i think that instead of having people donate ill just set up a couple of bins on my lot to donate stuff, for a little less than average price. the only problem with this is that i wouldnt know who donated, so.... i might just let people give it to me. lol sorry. :) :(
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  15. Ah, whoops, well... Sorry! The project itself though is alive and kicking, so if anyone is interested...
  16. Sir... OH... MY.... GOD... Greatest creation of all time!!!

    Oh and I have some pistons for you I think... :)

  17. ...omg i fail... i just saw this was a jan. project... ugh... who bumped a very old thread!
  18. *Harry Potter Fan* No no no no Hobbit. =P