crazy little thing called lag

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  1. SO, is this what they call glitch or lag?
    • destroying a block and nothing falls
    • mobs stand in one place and can't be killed
    • can't access tables or chests
    • entire chunks don't load
    • damage is postponed and may occur all at once (killing you, even!)
    • ...when any of the above occur, i'll eventually get kicked off
    My question is, is this lag on my end? My internet connection or my computer specs? Or is it a server issue? Anything I can do about it? Does everyone encounter this?
  2. I didnt :/
  3. Yes,This is lag,

    These tip will not solve everything but its atleast something :)
    Restart minecraft
    Shut it down,Start up new by and log in.

    Tip 2
    Restart Computer
    some programs donĀ“t get "all the way" shutdown so they still use Memory.Start over and begin again.
  4. Did you try allocate more memory for minecraft?
  5. to allocate more memory

    save this code as run_minecraft.bat ( in a notepad or any text editor )
    or any name u like but it must end with .bat

    @ECHO "Starting with more RAM"
    javaw -Xmx6144m -Xms1024m -jar "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\Minecraft.exe"

    This is for win7. Username is your username in your computer.
    Xmx6144m will allocate total of 6gb maximum memory to minecraft but it will not take it all at once.
    Xms1024m is the starting. that is what it will take at first. and will allocate more upto 6gb if neccessery.
    use different number that match your ram capacity
  6. Thanks for tips!
    How about Vista tips?! thanks, nmnmc

    Er, so consensus is it's a problem on my end, yeh>?
  7. If this is happening on a regular basis it is more then likely client side, and maybe memory related.
    This could also be your network connection. I find this happens if I am downloading without restricting my speeds, as packet information isn't being sent/received between server and client fast enough and it ends up lagging on client end.

    In regards to vista specific fixes, the BEST fix you could possibly make, within the realms of windows, is to upgrade to windows 7, or downgrade to windows XP. Vista was a huge mistake which unfortunately can't be undone, but can thankfully be replaced. If this is not an option though, any fixes that can be applied to windows 7 will likely work for Vista. :)

    Edit: Oh I forgot to mention, if you are playing on a laptop, try playing on a different network if you have the chance, this will help to test if the network is the issue.
  8. Ok, I'll try that. Or would tweaking my Java help? Like allocating it more memory?

    But is space an illusion? Or is space as much of an illusion as time? Or are they just both facts of life? I think about these things.
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  9. Increasing memory to java always helps, and can never hurt, but if you do any downloads or anything whilst playing minecraft, you could try running with no downloads and minimum processes running on your computer to increase performance too.

    Oh, and livemap also tends to chew up some bandwidth and processing, so if you play minecraft with livemap on, try it without just to test. :)

    Time is definitely the illusion, and it is relative as it is always perceived differently by everyone. :p
  10. That look similar to shaun's quote. :D

    Tweaking Java might help. (Just a little)
    Main issue is internet connection.
    Since I dont think Internet connection would outrun your ram anyway. But I check the minecraft process
    javaw.exe in my case it take up 2gb now sometime 3gb
    without tweaking the minecraft itself is program to take at maximum 1gb
    So both will help.
  11. so, one more thing> Does this indicate anything in particular?

    Internal exception: Read timed out

    It;s the error i get when I get booted when it's laggy.
    And thanks for tips
  12. That's sound like a internet connection problem. Maybe it cant handle the lag

    I got that error when Im grinding XP and there was 200-300 cave spider there.
  13. Right now im experiencing loads of lag at smp3, i believe it's not client side (it always runned smoothly), can you guys restart the server or something?