Crazy, Insane, Difficult Idea... The MC Hunger Games

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  1. Did i get your attention with the subject line? :p
    Here's the idea:

    Have you ever read the Hunger Games? (if not, here's the wiki page:
    My idea is very similar. Have 2 ppl from each server volunteer (or have a drawing if there are more ppl than spots) to join the "MC Games" (or something like that). Toss them into a new map or server (map would probably be easiest, but i don't know if that'd work) that: is limited in size (big enough for like 8 ppl to survive in without necessarily meeting right away, and ringed with bedrock), allows pvp, and has no hostile mobs (?). Set permissions on the server so that only the 8 people (plus admin/mods) actually exist, but anyone else can join as a crowd member who essentially moves like creative mode but is a ghost (cannot be seen or interact with the world).

    Contestants start with nothing (as in normal MC), and must survive and kill off other players. Once killed, players can only respawn as crowd members. Winner gets some prize.

    Chat would be a bit interesting: Players have access to /ch l (same as the current /ch l), and /ch h (help channel that allows them to ask questions to mods/admin); Crowd has access to /ch c (crowd chat), /ch l, and /ch h. Maybe also get a small crew to record the event and have someone edit together highlights.

    This would be incredibly difficult to pull off, I'm sure, but legendary. This could perhaps be an inter-organizational effort, and each community (like EMC) could put forth their best contestants.

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  2. Just amzing dude, id love this, people setting death traps, raids, obsidian forts, saferooms, temporary treaties, true smp and pvp at its core, possibilities are endless but what if contestants are in diff time zones/ have diff schedules? then like the last two pcontestants never see eachother lol? (maybe try to find their base and booby trap it to kill while youre not even there?)
  3. Interesting proposal, except for one thing...

    "There is NO PVP anywhere on any Empire Minecraft server."
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  4. .... hence why this would be that one server ;;-_-
    *sarcasm* i forgot all rules are immortal and infallible

    the rule applies to the fact that there is no current server that supports pvp
  5. So many people have this idea. There actually is a hunger games server up :/ and oidking is already working on his server
  6. This rule is pretty much insurmountable, if we open up the doors to pvp on one server, it will spread to other servers as people will think it is allowable and get upset when they get banned for dumping a bucket of lava on top of another players head and claim "I didnt know it wasnt allowed on the other servers."
  7. shaunwhite, I agree with you about the rules, though from what I've heard talking to Justin, he's willing to at the very least look into it. I do think what you've said needs to be taken into account if this idea actually happens.
  8. As long as all participants and spectators know it is the one and only time pvp is allowed, i cant see a huge problem with it. :)
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  9. another thought: make it easy to regenerate the chunks randomly in the hunger game map (i.e. create new maps every time). that way players wouldn't be able to learn what to expect/where to go after the first few games. It would also provide different environments in each match, with unique challenges. The maps would have to be checked, of course... a lack of trees (such as in a desert biome) could limit options for the contestants.
  10. This would be cool, tho youd have to play straight and a dc would count as death. Also if we were to do this I think a like 10 minute grace period before pvp could happen would allow you to scatter. We could do like teams of 2 representing each of the five servers XD. I would love to represent SMP3

    Or for breaks the server would be locked till a designated time so you couldn't work while an opponent couldnt
  11. I love the idea! I wonder about having no mobs though. I think having mobs or at least planned encounter/planted mobs would give it a more Hunger Games feel. My guess is that a separate server would be better, it would help differentiate this pvp Hunger Games from non-pvp Empire Minecraft. Different time zones is a good point. I think something would need to be done to help balance this. Matching opponents by their stated availability? Opening the server for certain periods of time only and requiring a certain amount of participation by each contestant?
  12. This is another great idea. The books were awesome, and when I read them I remember thinking "This would be a kick-ass game". This idea would require a large amount of development work to accomplish, but it brings such a big smile to my face that I may need to make time to try it out in the future :)
  13. Play Spleef :D
  14. It's a very interesting idea for sure. If anything, it seems like it would be like a once a month event or something. There would be pre-signups and "x" amount would start on one day and it would go on until it ends and the server would then shut down until the next event. For sure sounds fun, lol. Not sure if and how we would fit it in here, but I like the idea.
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  15. This is what should have been done instead of Empire Arena's, don't get me wrong Justin, Arenas was a great idea, but it just wasn't very popular and took up lots of server resources :)
  16. I can't code at all but from a rules, moderation, and just general setup stance, I would love to be involved in getting this going if EMC ever decideds to do this. Running a monthly event with applicants from all the servers. There would need to be a way to spectate, a set map, and rules of engagment. It would take a lot of work, but something like this would make EMC even more unique and would be a lot of fun for the participants and spectators alike. I would love to see this happen one day.