Crazy Farm Building.

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    Hey ya'll SupremeDr here. and I am offering my services as an awesome farm builder. (untill I finish my residence and re-boot my resource gathering. This farm is 18*60 with the lowest part of the farm bieng on ground level and the highest point is 11 blocks above ground level.
    The first impression of this farm is the wheat/nether wart farm. this farm. is operated by water stopped by pistons up top.

    The second bit of this farm is a pumpkin/melin farm that sits under the nether wart half of the farm. each harvest gives you 37 pumpkins and a lot of melons (uncalcuable due to randomness of melon drops. but I get at least 2 1/2 stacks usually)

    The last bit of this farm is a massive sugar cane farm. this farm gives 116 sygar cane at full harvest. This fits under the wheat part of the farm.

    The cost is 8.5k when done with cobble.
    The price may very if you want it done with different materials.
    for 8.2k I can make it so that the wheat/nether wart or both operated on 2 different switches instead of one switch, this allows you to harvest only what item you want/need instead of having to harvest all of it if you want just wheat.
    I will not do this underground. I do not like dealing with lighting problems. I will build this in the sky as long as there is a premade platform to build on. make sure this premade platform is 3 dirt thick.
    I will not customize your farm to have patterns. this you can do yourself when I am done.
    each of these are big projects so don't expect them to be done quickly. give me at least 4 hours. also note that this cannot always be done in 1 sitting.
    When I make this make sure I have use/build and either container or a special access chest.
    I want to keep myslef a good reputation. due to the fact that people can have conflicting time tables I want you to know I can be trusted. I understad if you are touchy on this sitauation but I do not want to risk my reputation
    I will know do seperate orders. this means you can order only certain parts of the farm. (you still must take that full bit E.g. you can't order half of the wheat bit. it's all wheat or nothing)
    The wheat is now bieng renamed to Lanes. there are 7 lanes in the farm. you can choose what you want in those lanes between wheat, crrots, and potatos. E.G.: 3 lanes wheat 3 lanes potato and 1 lane carrot. This will slightly raise the cost but not a whole lot.

    Prices here:
    Lanes: 2.5k
    Nether Wart: 3.5k
    Melon/Pumpkin: 1.5k
    Sugar Cane: 1k
    I have counted about 1k blocks for the shell. this means the price will change drastically if you chose for me to make it out of different materials

    How to order
    Server: (100r fee If I have to leave smp1)
    Res #:
    What you want your shell to be made of:
    When can I start:
    All or which sections, what you want in lanes:
    Check out my res @ 1230 to see mine
  2. OK reposted
  3. 2012-10-20_10.30.23.png This I made for jeremy_gutspear out of smooth sandstone.
  4. how much for just the wheat/nether stalk?
  5. :cool:
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  6. Didn't see that in the original :(

    I only want that but oh well I can make one
  7. 4 hours seems pretty quick to me. Seems like a good deal. You may want to hop around on servers advertising this. Good luck.
  8. Damn I would have the nether stalk /wheat farm but I dont need the sugarcane, melon and pumpkin.
  9. nfell. I think I will change the ruling a bit.
  10. supremdr running low on rupees? :D
  11. Name: nfell2009
    Server: (100r fee If I have to leave smp1): SMP4
    Res #: 9281
    What you want your shell to be made of: Cobble
    When can I start: Now!
    All or which sections: Wheat farm
    Please give a price then I can agree to it before buying it.
  12. the price for the wheat section is 2k
  13. So just to get this clear, we provide the shell material or do you?
    If so how many would you need?