Crazy Enchanted Pickaxes Sale

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  1. 2012-01-25_17.56.20.png

    I have:
    * 2x 1x Eff IV
    * 1x Eff IV Unbreaking III
    * 1x Eff III Unbreaking III

    In my shop right now - 5k each! 4k each! 3k each

    Think 5k is too much?! Tomorrow they will be 4k, the day after 3k...

    So bide your time or come get them now before someone else does!

    ( Mega rich players feel free to let other players buy these - you know who you are )
  2. Eff IV Unbreaking III sold
  3. I'm not mega rich..

    No seriously..
  4. *bump* for people in other timezones
  5. Mega rich u mean me :cool:
  6. what would classify as mega rich?
  7. LOL want the III III, but I'll let someone else have it! :p
    Word of advice, ANY enchanted pick will make netherrack explode faster than dirt... so don't waste your eff 4 picks on it... use eff1, 2 or even 3 if you want to. :)
  8. I have no Rupees compared to u Ismooch
    Only 47K :(
  9. well.... i only have 7k in my actual in pocket rupee balance...
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  10. In pocket? Huh?
  11. I cant check your balances so you just have to live with your own guilt if your rich and buy them! :)
  12. I will wait 5 days to get it for free according to mathematical series here.
    LOL joking
  13. Prices have been dropped to 4k! Get the last two picks! ... or will you dare wait until tomorrow!
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  14. Only 1 left!
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  15. Price dropped to 3k for the last pick!
  16. I'm so tempted.. is around 62 000r mega rich?
  17. 62K is that it i would have though that u would have more
    u r a diamonds supporter
  18. *64k

    Yeah, I like to spend ;P
  19. CAN you please put it on hold for me?
  20. So do we get it free in 3 more days :D
    And after that if no one go get it will it be free pick + 1000r/day :D
    LOL Joking