Crash Bandicoot (Playstation)

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Were you a fan of the original Crash Bandicoot series?

You bet! 18 vote(s) 85.7%
It was just another game to me. 1 vote(s) 4.8%
No. 1 vote(s) 4.8%
What's Crash Bandicoot? 1 vote(s) 4.8%
  1. So I recently took a trip down memory lane and decided to play Crash Bandicoot again (for the original Playstation) and decided to make a Let's Play out of my play through as well.

    So now here's my question...

    Who here was a Crash Bandicoot fan? What do you think of the Crash games developed for consoles other than the first Playstation?

    If you are not a Crash Bandicoot fan or never heard of it, follow my new Let's Play! I'll be playing all three games from the original Playstation starting with the first one.

    Personally, the new games annoyed me greatly... The first three for the original Playstation rocked! I played them all the time when I was 5-6 years old.

    And now I realize how old I am. It's hard to believe my childhood gaming is already 10+years old... :D

    So what are your standings here?
  2. Never got to play Crash but I've seen people rave about how it's awesome. I remember the ads for it, I think we even looked at the games for gameboy that they released. I guess I've been missing out and should check it out then? :)
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  3. *hand shake, loved playing the series about month ago or so play through the Jak and Daxter trilogy on my ps2 but one game or games that I alway go back to are early mario games nes,snes :)lol
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  4. Crash Bandicoot was fun until up recently when they added Those monsters, Don't get me wrong It's still fun but not the same as it used to be. My Favourite one would have to be wrath of cortex.
  5. It is certainly a series to check out, especially if you like platform games. :D

    Jak and Daxter was simply amazing and Naughty Dog was seriously in business when that game was the heat of the market. I need to play them again too! xD

    I agree. In fact, I think the last good Crash Bandicoot game was Crash: Twinsanity. It still kept the old Crash Bandicoot elements while adding something new. The new Monster based Crash games make no sense to me, and it doesn't even feel like a platform game anymore.

    Wrath of cortex was awesome by the way. :D
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  6. yep still remember getting eh 100 power cells and I was :O theres more lol. I would've brought the new HD 3in1 pack for ps3 but don't owned a ps3 :/ lol owell my ps2 still runs fine after 10 years lol
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  7. i for some reason knew this was coming after seeing your most recent soundcloud post :p.
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  8. Arrgh! You've tricked me into wanting to get cash out of storage now :/ I now have to transport an Extra box to my new accommodation >.< Will have a play in a few days once I'm settled.
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  9. I remember playing this game the day I played my first game, which was Spyro :D I have all the games for playstation and a few on my dead gameboy that I now play on my DS.
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  10. That will be used in the future for something.. :D
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  11. I will stay tuned and Cant wait for more!
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  12. Awesome! :D
  13. Jak and Daxter
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  14. Crash <3
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