Crash at tutorial start

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  1. Hey, new here. The tutorial crashes as soon as I get in. After the window closes, I get the message:

    "JavaTM Platform SE binary has stopped working."

    Anyone know how to fix this? I'm running Windows 7.
  2. Are you running any mods? What are your system specs?

    Try re-installing minecraft and/or remove mod. Back up your saves first!
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  4. Guess what?

    A) You were right. I did need a Java upgrade. Got it installed and the Empire tutorial works fine.

    B) However... it works only when running Minecraft 1.7.2 or when running with Forge profile - which uses 1.7.2.

    When running 1.7.4, 1.7.5, or 1.7.9, even with the latest Java, the tutorial still crashes.

    There is one small difference between Forge and my regular profile... The letter "V" for "Vanilla Server" appears in the Empire server link when running in Forge. But it doesn't appear when running in my regular profile.

    Is there a difference if I play with the "V" in Forge than if I play without the "V" in my regular profile? Does "V" add extra features? Or are they both the same?
  5. I don't believe the V would add anything (although I don't know much about it), but the forge mods might clash with EMC holograms/EMC. What do you have installed?
  6. Many people are using Froge profiles in EMC and do not get crashes. However, the problem is most likely due to a conflict in mods you are running with Forge.

    You should try redoing your Forge profile with only what you need. and try again.

    It will be a process of elimination, to find whatever 2 mods are conflicting in Forge when playing EMC. And remove 1 of them.
  7. Are you saying that using a clean fresh 1.7.4+ client, you still crash playing EMC?
    Because that should not happen at all.

    Step 1: Now that you have updated java, it should have wiped your cache. but incase it hasn't delete all java cache, and relaunch minecraft, try again.

    Step2: Archive/backup your entire minecraft directory and reinstall a fresh minecraft. then try again. If it's still crashing, you have some other technical problem. if it's not, then the problem is linked to something in how your minecraft client is loading up. (possibly some mod in there you are not aware of?).
  8. The only mod I have installed is Millenaire. But EMC was crashing even before I installed Millenaire. EMC was crashing even before I had Forge. (I only just installed all three this evening.)

    When I first tried EMC, I had 1.7.9, but did not have Forge or Millenaire yet. So EMC crashing must be a 1.7.9 problem.

    I think I'll just use 1.7.2 for EMC. I'll experiment betweeen "V" and non-V to see if I notice a difference. I'll post any difference here.
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  9. But here's the thing, if you aren't on 1.7.9 heads won't load.
  10. be sure you are using java7. Go to control panel and uninstall java6.

    Lots of people having crashes is due to java6, and even if you have 7 installed, if 6 is installed minecraft might be using it still.

    That was what we discovered with recent crash, user had both installed, and it was using 6 even when he had 7 installed.
  11. Also I know that sometimes if you are running 2 clients it will increase the memory usage for java processes and cause client side lag and crashing! Try to avoid that! :D