Crafting Renamed Items

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  1. Ever since the Dragon Stone update, I have been unable to craft renamed items. This is slightly problematic for me because I have a good deal of renamed gold and such that has been rendered totally useless. Not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but... Please no :(
    Anyone found a workaround or something? I noticed that villagers still accept renamed emeralds though.
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  2. Same. I do not know if it has to do with fragments but i have that problem.
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  3. Wasn't intentional but was a side effect due to my changes to the crafting system to support the Dragon Stones.

    I will be able to fix it though, so just hold onto it.
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  4. I would expect it does, as in vanilla MC I'm relatively sure that 9 flint cannot be crafted into a piece of coal. I have no idea how adding recipes works, but Aikar must have done something to ensure that normal flint could not be used to craft a Dragon Stone, which maybe might have affected the way crafting ANY renamed item works. Total speculation :p
    EDIT: Aikar Ninja'd!
  5. I can only guess making Dragon blocks (coal blocks) will be important in reaching a dragon tomb?
  6. Is that a thing? Wow, just got 9 shards; please don't tell me I need 72 more :O
  7. Well are stones not just renamed coal? that could be crafted with a vanilla recipe?
  8. No. Dragon stones are shiny :D Plus they have colored text names
  9. Doesn't prevent a future crafting use.
  10. You can't make coal blocks, already tried.
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  11. I know nothing of javascript so go ask aikar about this.