Crafters Promo Buy/Sell/Trade

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  1. Crafters's Promo Buy/Sell/Trade!

    Promos Currently being bought

    Buying all Promo Message me

    Promos currently being sold

    11 taste the freedom 2.5k
    1 Complete starter set (old not soulBound or final) 15k
    1 Complete starter set (new soulbound and final) 10k
    1 second chance 20k- Pending with Luckypat
    1 EXTREMLY USED ham hacker 5k
    1 Voters Shovel Message me offers

    Plz pm me which ones you want

    I will negotiate price

    Prices are for 1

  2. If you could do 15 for the second chance Ill be happy to buy it :)
  3. Plz pm me
  4. Bump Udated the op ones left are the ones that haven't been sold

    Buying Dragon eggs for 1 million rupees each
  5. Bump bought a dragon egg now buying all promos

    Also selling a voter shovel Message me offer
  6. Will u be interested in a stack of cooked turkeys from thanks giving?
  7. Yes but I will not pay alot I will pay at a max 250r a turkey
  8. Ok thanks for getting back to me I am not interested in selling them at 250r each