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  1. ok now my buisness has been promoted i do all vehicles so just ask the payment is different it depends like supporters get a bonus 50% off and free players have to pay 500-1000r and trains are 5000r because they are very expensive rigs are up to 3000r and please do not steal all my ideas if you get caught you will get a warning and a fine if you dont listen also my tanks are 750-2500r and if your a active member you will get 25% off and gold supporters get 50% off diamond get 55% off and contribution get 65% off and all staff get 100% off and iron supporter get 25% off and then the tractors they are 100-500r and buses are 500-750r and a dodge viper=1000r the quartz is very expensive so thats why and trucks are 300-500r and also you could donate diamonds to make every purchase cheaper each diamond takes 10% off your purchases and if you want a police car that is 300-500r

    so if you are intrested please contact Crafteralex101
  2. Hey, We are back up and running again.
  3. Vehicles? What do you mean by that?
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS
  5. This is the EMC Car mart, We build Cars From ford tarus to Bugatti Veyron.
  6. We build cars and houses
  7. For Display or do they work?
  8. Atm Im on SMP6 if you want to discuss what this means
    - Thank you.
  9. Display And please stop by, Ill tell you the prices
  10. These posts were 1 minute apart.. Bumps have to be 3 hours since the last post.

    Also, how do you plan to enforce the fines for people that steal your designs?
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  11. Yes, We do fine people who steal our designs it will be a small fine but indeed punishable
    250$ for now
  12. That's not how it works. You can't fine anyone for stealing a design. You have no jurisdiction over what people can build.
  13. True, I bet when you find out its already to late
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  14. What penguin said.. You have no ability to 'copyright' anything in Minecraft. It's all fair game, and you certainly can't charge people for it and expect them to pay you without question. You cannot enforce a fine.
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  15. I know, they may copy but its not appreciated, I take all my time to think of my own idea.... but yes fines could be made, Res-bann and idea caused to effect
  16. You could do that, but I still doubt people are going to pay.
  17. You cannot fine other players for stealing, copying, borrowing, or using your designs. It has been discussed time and time again.

    Both staff and even Aikar have commented on the matter here:

    Res bans, however, are fair game and can be implemented by any player for any reason. I would recomend reading the rules more closely to become more clear on Empire Minecraft policies and rules
  18. I never said pay. in that sentence I sad recalled.
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