Cozy House Contest!

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  1. OK Everyone! There is a hobo named bob moaning for a home so let me share his letter he put in my mailbox in my world.

    Dear Redwing,
    I need a home and i was hoping you could help me get one. Can you help a dear young soul out?
    Wait! Thats not the end of what i was about to say! I need it to be 3 story, fancy, all new appliances,
    glowstone stuff that i saw in your house, or as nice as you can get it!

    Bob Epic Fail

    Ok, i was suprised at his middle and last name. But it suits him. He said also he will give prizes to whoever shows him the 3 best houses. He would give more if he had more......

    1st place for now is: 3000r + 3 stacks of bread and a chirp disc
    2nd place for now is: 1750r + 2 stacks of bread and a stal disc
    3rd place for now is: 700r + 1 stack of bread (i have alot of wheat/bread)

    If he had more money he would give more prizes so please donate if you want it to be more wanted for

    Donators, you get a special thanks up on this forum. Me and 4 others shall help me grade the peoples houses. (Btw there will be a drawing for judges so post if you want to be one. Note: You cannot enter if you are a judge)

    Im new at hosting a contest but there's always a first time for everything so please tell me if i forgot something.

    To participate, post:
    Your res and server
    Your minecraft name to confirm
    A little comment on the house (optional)

    Start building when you see this forum, but the judges and I shall start judging 3/24/2012. I shall post the winners the next day. Happy building and make sure bob likes it!