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  1. Hi, I'm CowTippingManiac
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  2. Anyways, ask some questions..
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  3. I welcome to empire Minecraft
  4. How did you become such an awesome member of Empire Minecraft?
  5. Me? I just got likes but I want to become an active member
  6. Natural Sexyness
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  7. Welcome to EMC. Where you from?
  8. Not you, the guy who we are supposed to be talking about in this thread (cow)
  9. How do you get achievements
  10. Mesa, Arizona.
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  11. do you really like fitzgerald/cardinals?
  12. Absolutely.
    Football=Arizona Cardinals
    Basketball=Phoenix Suns
    Baseball=Arizona Diamondbacks
    College=Arizona State Sun Devils
    And Larry Fitzgerald is my favorite player right now. You know I got his autograph by HIM in person?
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  13. Must be hot there!
  14. Did you get autographs by any other VERY good athletes? Not JUST pros, but all stars?
  15. Boo Phoenix Suns I go for New York Knicks they are the best!
  16. I got from Cardinals
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Kurt Warner
    Anquan Boldin
    Adrian Wilson

    Nobody yet D=

    Stephen Drew
    Justin Upton
    Chris Young
    Luis Gonzalez
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  17. Umm, ew
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  18. Meh, I go for the teams where I'm from. So arizona teams basically.
    They're not my favorite, but
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  19. Az teams for life, man. We know we're sexy and Arizona is sexy, Its hot like me and cow