Cows and Sheep

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by DeathLands, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Hello iv noticed that when i spawn cows or sheep on my res about 1/2 of each de-spawn after awhile is there any thing i can do to stop this? (not to mention cats they de-spawn after like 5 mins)
  2. They might be dying put some water flowing opposite of the walls (towards the animals) then they should not be dying in the walls, which is pretty common. What happens is if you sign off then sign back onto your res with animals they move about 1 1/2 blocks to any side if that block is occupied they suffocate inside the wall before you check on them. The items are swallowed up by the wall and are no longer observable.
  3. no iv been online for a hr and come back and they where gone, and isn't a 16 by 16 aria big enough for 8 cows? but ill do the water thing. (would it work if i put it under the wall buy still on lv with the ground?)
  4. Yeah should work as long as it pushes the cows away from the wall.
  5. hay would fencing work also
  6. I used fences for mine on a 60*60 plot and placed it all round the edge, I had 100 cows none died so unless you want to do it like that...
  7. mine is underground and i want to keep as much field space as posable open so ill just replace the bottom of the walls with fencing. thanks.
  8. i tried 2 high glass blocks around my 100 sheep worked great. Only one is inside of the glass. At least none have died thou.