Country music fans rejoice!

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    -Garth originally retired in 2000 to take care of his 3 daughters.
    -He came out of retirement in 2009 and started a nightly gig at the Encore theatre in Las Vegas.
    -He announced he was going on a world tour on Good Morning America this morning.

    What is your favorite Garth song?

    Here is a list of mine (in no order).
    -Friends in Low Places
    -Papa Loved Mama
    -The Fever
    -Much Too Young
    -Unanswered prayers
    -Two pina coladas
    -The River
    -.....and the list goes on....
  2. Rejoice, Rejoice... Emmanuel!
  3. i have no idea who that is
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  4. Oh god, no. Kill it. Kill it with fire.
  5. Why kill it with fire? If you been one of concerts you would differ.

    Anyways I like most of his songs
  6. That reminds me....I also love Standing outside the fire...and his whole Christmas album =)
  7. I personally do not like country music (sorry, krysyy) and this gif personally captures my reaction when i hear country music.
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