Counter Strike: Global Offense

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  1. There are not one, not two, but three types of people in this game
    casual players who take nothing seriously
    semi-comp who can be taken seriously but crack a joke every so often
    comp players who are taken very seriously.
    I'm the middle, which one are you (if you play this game)
    also if you play comp say something in the thread maybe we can get an EMC clan hooked up.
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  2. i am the last two depending on the day
  3. CS:GO? Counter Strike: Global Offensive? So that's why everyone called me crazy when I asked them if they played "Car Speed: GO"
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  4. I am both of the bottom one. It depends on my mood mostly.
  5. Oyus. I love this game. I'm currently trying to trade for a Bayonet | Slaughter in a few days.. anyways, I am definitely the third one. Competitive for life.
  6. I don't mind people who play CS:GO until they start buying skins. Buying skins is literally throwing your money in a fire for no good reason and IMO it's pretty stupid unless you're a trader that makes profit off of them. I just don't understand why anyone would pay $100 to have a blue AK-47 or $300 to have a slightly curved knife that otherwise looks identical to the stock knife.

    If I were to play, I'd be really casual lol.
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  7. I play for fun when I feel like it (currently amounting to around 20 hours-ish) on the casual servers. You end up getting people with like £500 skins and the skills of an e-sports player there raging at you for being shit: well, duh, that's the point of the casual servers you frigging numpties. Go play competitive if you hate getting easy kills that much.

    Recently I've only played with friends in private games with like three people on each side. It's so much better than playing on public matches with twelve year olds who shout at you down their microphone that cost like £0.50 from Poundland for the tiniest things.
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  8. This is probably the most accurate phrase I've seen in this thread, gave me a chuckle :p

    EDIT - Something like this
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  9. Ill sell my csgo if i knew how
  10. I just said that because Poundland sells stuff for £1 and its generally of astonishingly poor quality (once bought earphones off them, they broke as soon as I walked out the shop lol), so when they put a 50% discount on something (bringing that £1.00 down to £0.50 :p), you know it's bad. Turns out those things you shown actually exist, are some of the things you'd find in Poundland, and actually cost £0.56. I had no idea my half-joke thingy could be so accurate :eek:
  11. The thing I linked is from AliExpress, so direct from China. I'd imagine the quality is shockingly horrendous.
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  12. I just had a 16-14 comp game. Close win! No rank up tho...
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  13. Somewhere between the last two, usually depends on if I am sucking or carrying. I am also on my way out of the game, got into betting skins and built up a pretty decent inventory, then I started losing and am back down. Trying to sell off the rest of my skins.