Could we make a woodland round the edge of town?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Squizzel_Boy, Dec 15, 2011.


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  1. I live on residence 4373 and I am always annoyed with The constant Flat grass going beyond render distance.

    So I thought we could turn it into tall grass and a forest (with simple trees and tall grass)
    because then people would not have to look at a never ending flat grass area and it would make a great improvement to the servers

    Hope you think so too, well post what you think of this idea.

  2. i like the idea
  3. ah you Have The Same Pic :/
  4. mine doesnt have a white outline around it though
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  5. Good point I will change mine
  6. It'd be alright if it were only a few trees thick...
  7. I talked to Justin about this a while ago... As far as he knows, the only way to do this would be to have a Senior Moderator plant every tree. This is because the average Town World takes about a day or so to load in MCEdit and thus the 'foliage' tool cannot be used to edit a forest in.
  8. if you going to plant all the tree i would help
  9. so like.... why not use world edit for just something like this?? if you regen spawns around wild and use MCedit, why not just plant a few trees in a small grove like a "texture", then copy that cuboid and then use the
     //stack [#] [n/s/e/w] 
    which pretty much paste the cuboid in any direction you choose and how many times to do it.
  10. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Due to the sheer size of the Town perimeter, it would take quite a while to load the trees. Server may even crash, I think, and downtime would ensue as Justin attempts to secure the server and bring it back online.

    Granted, I'm no techie, but I am simply reiterating what I have heard and been told.

    Besides, hand-planting each tree would make a great community project.
  11. I like the idea, I will test it out and see what I can come up with :)
  12. Thank everyone :)
  13. And Justin I know you wont need any help but if you do then just ask and I will be willing to help.
  14. Wouldn't something like that increase frame latency for those on the edge? I know my neighbors have a lot of trees on their lots and it kind of lags me a little more than the empty lots.
  15. Good point but the trees would only be about 3 thick.
  16. I don't think trees really cause any frame rate drop. Things that do are tons of signs (like the /store), tons of animals, lots of circuitry (pistons, fast red stone timers, etc).
  17. Figured it was mostly the leaves that would lag where trees were involved. Maybe it's just my system...
  18. Perhaps I have never had it but I could see that as being possible.