Could anyone do this?

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  1. Well i like tis mod, castle defenders, you have to make and army and invade other small castles. But i want to to it with sommone but dont know how to make aserver! If osmeone couldmake a server and install that plugin it would be nice!
  2. sadly, making a server costs money. so for someone who doesn't have an extra 30-50$ this wont happen :(
  3. it does D:
  4. Not always. My friend made 2 for free.
  5. they were on Hamachi, though.
  6. I have tried so much to make servers!All you smart people.
  7. I tried once. I failed at the first step:p
  8. lol
    i fail at getting it to run.
  9. go on youtube and search for a bukkit server creation guide
    then look up portforewarding for whatever route you have and you have to forward the mc port (dont remember off the top of my head)
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  10. Good job importer :p.

    It does not cost money to run a MC server, not if you host it on your computer and portforeward it as Importer mentioned. I have a little server that i turn on all the time, and just about any computer could support a small server for 2 -5 people. I know at one point I had 15 on mine and mine runs on a Notebook. So Its not to hard once you watch a couple of tutorials.
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  11. I list a couple tips for you in case you decide to make it at home :)
    -Do not install a bunch of plugins, just what you really need
    -Whitelist the server and don't tell about it to anyone just to whoever you want to be in there
    -Try to host the server on 1 pc and play mc on another, both server and minecraft run trough java and they use a bunch of ram, unless you got like 8GB or more ram do what i say.
    -give the server enough ram and set it as a high priority process at the task manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC on windows) to give enough ram just edit the .bat file
    -Don't run it in hamachi, portforwarding it's easier than it sounds and it's a pain in the game to run hamachi along

    IF nothing of that works, just go and buy a 10bucks/month server for 10-15 slots :)
    based on your supporter status i believe that's a reasonable price ;)
  12. Hamachi servers are technically considered "illegal servers" as they allow cracked copies of minecraft to connect to them..
  13. Although I used to pay for a server (it was $1.80/slot), I run one on occasion on my computer for doing bug testing on multiplayer bugs from the wiki page.. xD
  14. partly true.. not all illegal.. and any computer can let you run a cracked version of minecraft.. himachi is just simpler in all regards because you do not have to portforward in the router, it virtually does it for you.(in a loose sense but no really) The thing is, is Minecraft servers have this file that you can alter that decides whether or not it connects to when you boot it up. If you disable that, it would allow you run a "cracked" version and there are some loopholes you have to go through to get everyone to log in with their own username and stuff like that.

    But, what to come away with, Himachi is just as legit or illegal as any other hosting solution. You have the ability to run a cracked version, yes, but no more than you would if you ran a server any other way where you have control of the actual .jar file and file.
  15. I am buying a development server soon and if I have some time before I need to work on it I will do this. It won't be permanent however as I will need the server at sole point.
  16. woah cool! When its made Pm me the ip okay?
  17. Will do. Won't be that soon, I don't even have the server yet!