cost of a silk touch eff 3 unbreak 3

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  1. i was wondering i just got this pick on a lv 32 enchantment and i was wondering how much that would sell for on average
  2. anyone i need help on this
  3. You should be able to get at least 15k for this pick, nice enchantment for a lowish level. :)
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  4. yeah like 15-18k is about the range that would sell for.
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  5. ok thank you guys so much i really appreciate it :D
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  6. anytime good sir! :)
  7. Lol i want fast money so i would charge around 11k :)
  8. You could harvest over 6200 glowstone with that pick. At a cheap price 15r each, that much glowstone comes out a revenue of 93,720 rupees. And the pick allows you to do the harvesting 30% faster, which, if one saw that as a premium on the glowstone value, the total revenue value would be 121,836 rupees.

    Just saying.
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  9. smart man.
  10. So you are saying that it would be better to use it yourself and getting glowstone with it?
  11. for sure!. but you'd have to get a lot of speed potions and fire resistance ;). dont wanna lose that thing. lol
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