Corner Edge of Town Glitch

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  1. So I was bored while having a conversation and decided to walk to the edge of town and just keep walking.

    That was the end of that conversation. :p And any others.

    I was unable to back up or move, regardless of direction or whether I jumped. The spam continued upon logging out and logging back in.

    I could get out by typing commands, but still it seems like I should have been placed in a location so I could back up at least.

    Now, where was I going?
  2. If you can still type, then there isn't an issue. Stop trying to find my secret hide-out =P
  3. Bad Krysyy... Stop hinting people toward OUR secret hideout. Now it is only Aikar, Max, You, azoundria, and I.

    Azoundria does know about it right?
  4. Shhh. You aren't supposed to talk about it remember?
  5. if you sprint fly under bedrock in utopia, if you hit the end, there is no way to get back. You have to tp back to /town, you cant just turn around Lol. happened to me the other day
  6. My issue was the spam. A less technical or more lazy user would have simply lost whatever conversation they were having. Also, walking to the edge of a map sounds like something a new player would do, and in my opinion this would leave a bad impression. I'm sure that a fix which moves the user back a couple blocks, or adding an invisible wall using barriers may be a better way to handle this.
  7. I agree wholeheartedly that barrier blocks would be useful for this purpose, but such blocks do not exist on the empire just yet.
    For now it acts the same way as if you walked to the edge of the world. I can also say this is the first I've heard of anyone doing this so no, new players don't do that.
  8. Hm thought of an improvement, right now when you cancel a move event ,it puts you back where you tried to move from, which could be at 3.99999 instead of 3, making it super easy to cross the line again.

    we could teleport back to 3.

    Thats the overall problem, is we are cancelling the move event. Finding a space a few blocks back isnt super simple, specially in wastelands where user could be in a cave, hince why we have so many issues in wastelands still.

    I'll task chicken with trying to improve this logic in any way he can justify, but hes gonna be afk most this week he said.

    Also it use to just send you to /town, but this could be very confusing to a newbie to lose where they were.
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  9. Instead of moving them 3 blocks back, like in a cave issue of the Wastelands, why not just teleport them backwards from where they were 3 seconds ago?
  10. We don't know where they were 3 seconds ago,only the previous block they moved from.
  11. I can understand that, sorry if it seems like I'm shooting too much but I wanna give it one more go :p
    What if you were to teleport them 3 blocks back, like you've said, and just make it search for a 2 block air-space within that radius of where they entered the boundary to an area that's either below 4000 or above -4000, giving them a safe location (Sorry if this is what you've already had in mind and I'm just repeating it :p)
  12. That's essentially what wastelands tries to do, though it wouldn't be too absurd to store a last 10 location log.
  13. Ah, coolio. Glad if I helped you in any way :)
  14. In my opinion, the best solutions (in this order):

    1) Barrier blocks. Make every non-solid block at the border into invisible barrier blocks. These exist natively in Minecraft, so you should just need to change blocks in the world. This does not stop if they want to mine out, which could be fixed by making solid blocks into bedrock, or mined blocks on the border coordinates turn into barrier.

    2) Tracking past locations. When the player is close to the border, their location is tracked. When they cross the border, the location is reverted. No matter how many locations you track you'll still need a fallback because they could make every location unsafe.

    3) Attempt to move them 2 blocks into the boundary. For example, if their X goes past -5000 which is the boundary, it would move them to X: -4998. If that position is unsafe, then try with floor(Y += 1) until you reach a safe position.