[Cool Website] Codecademy

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  1. Hey guys!
    Thought i might tell u all about this because I have been using it for the past six months or so and it has been really cool. It's called codecademy.com. It is interactive lessons that teach you various forms of coding (HTML, CSS, etc.) If you are interested in learning coding for a job or just for having fun, you should definitely check it out :) It is mostly all free and through the process it shows you how to create interactive webpages by guiding you through the steps of the process.
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  2. I'll look into it. It seems very cool.
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  3. I took an entire course here. Nothing beats being taught by someone who you can speak to in real life, but this is still great!
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  4. I'm trying out JavaScript there so I can afk but enter a script so my minecraft character would not seem to be afk, maybe just moving side to side or something :p