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  1. Tips and Tricks Thread!

    This forum is for the best and greatest tips and tricks of minecraft. The forum is for you posting your tips on minecraft that people might not know of. There are noobs out there (Like me :p ) Who need some help sometimes, and here are one of the cool tips of minecraft!

    Here is the 1st tip of the forum, after reading my tip, comment your favorite tip down in the comments.

    If you do Ctrl + A , It will underline your message in the chat. Doing Ctrl + C on the underline makes you copy the message. Ctrl + V will allow you to paste the message :)

    Please write your awesome tips that people might not know of down below? Also, if there is a tip about food, villagers, building, etc, please write it down with a title saying what kind of tip it is!!!
  2. Lava can kill you.
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  3. You sir, are a genius.
  4. If you sneak and hold spacebar when flying, you'll move slower, but won't go up or down - making it easier to move into tricky corners.
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  5. Hard Difficulty Tip.

    To block zombies from breaking your door on Hard difficulty without making a iron door, place a block in FRONT of the wooden door. Go to your bed, sleep, open door, and break block. Easy!
  6. Cooking and Furnaces:

    Killing a pig/cow with flint and steel gives you back the cooked food item.
  7. Don't dig straight any direction.
  8. On EMC forums, you can change your color schemes by scrolling to the bottom, and clicking "Dark - Orange" next to Terms and Rules" :)
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  9. Cooking and Furnaces:

    If you get a blaze rod and put it in a furnace, it can be used longer than the average coal.
  10. Clicking your scrollwheel will cause you to select the block your cursor is over if you have it in your inventory.
  11. Don't die in hardcore mode. :rolleyes:
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  12. Also, if in Creative mode on SP, it will put the block you are pointing at into your hotbar whether you had it in your inventory before or not.