Cool song i want to share with the whole EMC!

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  1. Please reply back telling me if you like it :) i thought i should share it with you guys

    Its by "Dj Usher" and the song is called: "The dj got us falling in love again" Pull this song up anywhere you'd like to, I like this song so much, so i thought I'd share it with all you
  2. Not only do I prefer SSF's choice, but everyone has heard of that song.
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  3. i clicked ur egg
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  4. Thanks! If you had some, I'd be happy to click them.
  5. lol never really understood the dragon thing
  6. Yes that song is better but i kinda like the other one the same as that song
  7. Usher's songs are usually quite catchy ;)
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  8. I know right
  9. I can't get this one out of my head!
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  10. D: the guys flying, that's against the rules!
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  11. Bluergh... I hate Usher. Or any other pop song/artist for that matter :p I'm more into Breaking Benjamin, Coldplay and Avril Lavigne :p But revenge is good. Tryhardninja is amazing at singing.
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  12. coldplay <3 <3
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  13. Coldplay FTW!
  14. Sir you have that quote wrong, Batman simply says "here"
    Also go Coldplay!
  15. Thanks for the heads-up.
  16. Np I just watched it today to prepare for tomorrow so that's how I knew
  17. Lol i cant get it out of my head either
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  18. i dont always listen to music,
    but when i do...
    i listen to my chemical romance, cliched dubstep, glitch mob, and a few classic rock songs.