Cool signatures...I Would Like One!

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  1. Hello EMC!

    My name is krysyyjane9191 from SMP2 and i own a giant shop in the shape of the infamous TARDIS from doctor who as well as a massive sheep farm . In addition, I am co-owner of the amazing Blue Ribbon Hotel on smp2. To get to the point, I have a request =D

    I would like someone to make me an awesome signature graphic to use (like robot_chicken_66 or herobrin3's).
    Reward: 1000r for the one i like the best and use!
    Another 500r if you can make ignoramoose one he would like to use as well =D

    Pm me if you have any questions you would like to ask in order to make the signature!
    Thanks, and Gig'Em! (its an Aggie thing)
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  2. PM LZBZ_DW. Hes VERY good...
  3. LZBZ_DW is your man.
  4. I beat you to it xD
  5. ^ what he said and you two will work out a deal. also :eek: "Gig'Em" I wish them the best of luck this season than the last :). I just hope Raiders do better this season :confused:
  6. I went ahead and messaged LZBZ_DW, but dont let that discourage anyone from still making one if you think you can!
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