cool seeds

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  1. post cool minecraft seeds here
    seed #1 "i wove you" (no quotations) 1 i wove you.jpg 1 the cave.jpg 1 the cave too.jpg
    the dungeons is just down in the cave
  2. I use a 1.0.0 still. Dont like to play on jungles :p
  3. how do you play empire minecraft?
  4. I started my world on 1.0.0 went upgrading it for the time :)
  5. you can have two different mine craft jars and switch between the two. Each jar can be a different version of minecraft.
  6. ok post seeds now
  7. Should put this in General Minecraft Discussion.
  8. ok can a mod put this in that please
  9. i thought this would take off...
  10. "i dont care" (no ' or quotes) takes you to an awesome mushroom biome. When you spawn, just turn around.
  11. oh yhah i like that one i made a mushroom village in it
  12. LOL, spawns you next to a MASSIVE cave. Don't know how deep it goes....
  13. do "newworld1" with no quotations and itll lead to a massive trench with diamond!
  14. Do "CreppaNinga235izalia" with no quotations and itll lead to a massive lie with Creepers!

    Do "Redwing2000" and it takes you to a jungle biome with beach around it
  15. the seed dogsrnice isent interesting (unlike me:D)