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  1. I found this petition on This was on the news and it was really cool. So this petition was made by a 6 year old that had his dreams set on going to space and recently found out that the government cut most funding to NASA. This boy serves as an example to all of us to stand up for what we want. Just wanted to share this with the EMC community hoping it may get more signatures and just thinking its cool. :)
  2. This may a Twitch1 case again... (May be taken down...)
  3. Yep, Agree
  4. I am not asking for money or begging for anything... oh well :(
  5. There is a different petition being sponsored by Bill Nye on one of the gawker news site I read that petitions basically the same thing.. :oops:
  6. The more petitions for NASA the merrier! :D
  7. Petition posts have been allowed before. The Twitch case revolved around liability. There are no liability problems that could come from this.
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