Cool easter egg on Smp4

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  1. 2013-09-07_21.43.02.png
    Me and Xothis_dwarf were derping around the other day when we found this anyone know what it is. (coolcal14 is there cause i was showing him it)
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  2. and there is a chest inside too 2013-09-07_21.45.20.png
  3. Is it above the tutorial?
  4. what and where is that!? :confused:
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  5. Ooo! What's that! :eek:
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  6. no i dont think so... its on the outskirts of the town
  7. So the stories about herobrine living on smp4 are true
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  8. Let it just go for the record that I found THIS one first. I think they might be in every smp except Utopia....
  9. You are in hardcore mode which EMC dont have... .I aint no noob yo >.>

    Oh, those are horse hearts.....
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  10. Hey, are you guys outside of the town? Cause I'm coming to smp4 for a little while to explore anyway!
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  11. NAWWWWW, DEY ARE? lol
  12. Well goes to show how much i actually use my horse...
  13. It's not on hardcore! It's REAL! :eek:
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  14. what?
  15. Another Easter Egg for you is in smp4 in the ocean outpost (will make you find it!) underwater and close to spawn. Will post sceenshots later. :)
  16. I don't really understand, what's the point of this?
  17. EMC Trolling. 'Nuff Said.
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  18. No, this is people finding little things built by staff where things aren't normally built, such as within the no-build zone in the wild. These things are not troll attempts.
  19. I mean admin trolling, etc.