Cool Breeding Invention

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  1. Check out this cool breeding machine (from

    It uses rope to hang two of each animal in the air. You walk along a platform and feed them wheat to breed them. Then, the baby animals fall into a stream of water and are carried to a central collection point. I might use this to breed cows for leather production. :)
  2. interesting, very interesting. cruel. but interesting. lol
  3. I assure you, all animals are well compensated for their suffocation/death. :eek:
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  4. yeah that definitely looks too much like the gallows lol, fear ye all pirates that wonder here!! :rolleyes:
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  5. Yes pirates. Run away.
    Otherwise will will tie you up and force feed you raw wheat, and then make you magically poof smaller versions of yourselves into a stream of water below.........
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  6. it looks like you're hanging those poor creatures, forcing them to make babies... :eek: is this some kind of animal trafficking trick? i'm so not amused :p

    .... i don't think i've ever read anything more sadistic than that in my life.. lmao
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  7. Trafficking? No! They are fed nothing but the finest wheat.
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  8. whatever gets the job done ;)
  9. sure that's what they ALL say!! lmao
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  10. How do you get animals to hang on the rope? Mine just fall
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  11. You may need to position the central walkway at a specific height such that the animals don't fall far when the max rope length is reached. If they fall too far then maybe it causes the rope to "break". But idk, I don't have the snapshot installed.
  12. lmao
    hurry! .. i need a large order of 50 wolves, tie him up!
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  13. ropes? is that possible?
  14. Anything is possible when you smell like a real man.

    I am on a Horse.
    Fullscreen capture 4182013 93459 PM.jpg
  15. thats next update though

  16. snapshot is your best friend :3
    ... what you really need to do, is have mine little pony mod installed, THEN be on the horse.. ;)
  17. My mind was just blown.
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