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  1. I'm totally getting some things (Read: hundreds of cookies!) ready for a bake sale. Cooking (especially baking) always makes me excited (It's one of my passions) and I'm wondering what sorts of cooking any of my fellow players like to do.

    Do you have a favorite style or ethnicity? Any original recipes that you're proud of? Share them with us!
  2. Spaghetti! Enriched noodles. 1 lbs of Hamburger 1 lbs of Italian sausage. Green, red, and yellow bell peppers. 1 can of Rottel tomatoes, and Prego FTW! Frank's Red Hot on the side.
  3. I'm a boy who likes to cook. Well I like to bake, cakes, brownies, chocolate, fudge. I coo things like pasta, tacos ham er helper. But I'm 10
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  4. Talk about some meaty pasta. Sounds delicious. :)

    You're 10? If that's so, then that's awesome, because the sooner you learn the longer you have to improve. :D Even if you're older though, I say huzzah to dudes that like to cook!
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  5. i like making cakes in EMC but irl i like making BACON!
  6. Thx. My mom can't cook so my dad usually cooks. My dad does stuff that Aikar would LOVE to see and learn about, but that stuff isn't cooking.
  7. Now I'm craving BACON!
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  8. My favorite dish by far to make is Chicken Divine Casserole. Diced up, deboned chicken breast, 2 cans of 'cream of chicken soup' mixed with a bit of sour cream, 2 tbsp. of butter, and a top layer of smashed Ritz crackers sprinkled on. Of course, these are just the ingredients I use. There are plenty more things you can add depending on your tastes :).
  9. Sounds… YUMMY!
  10. BACON FTW!!!!lol
  11. I got really into making cake-pops this year! Something about the sprinkles, I think ;)

    Some of my favorite things to make are nice slow-cooked comfort food. I like pot roasts, chili and stews-- things that make the whole house smell great for hours and hours!
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  12. ROAST!!!!!!!lol i had it last night
  13. I love chili!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¿!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Me skin is a tribute to EMC and I might post the download link for it :D
  15. I cook for a living, and I love to cook just about everything. :)
  16. I have never made cake-pops. They look really simple though... isn't it basically just mini cupcakes with sticks stuck in them, covered in ganache, then sprinkles? Totally a fun group project, I think.

    I really need a bigger crock pot. I like making roast, but the crock pot I have is so small! It's hard to fit all the veggies and stuff in with the meat.

    I've toyed with the idea of going into culinary arts as a career path. It's either that or technology. My favorite part of cooking is seeing people smile when I feed them something tasty.

    As for my baking tonight, I've got the doughs ready for three different types of cookies. About to fire up the oven and get to baking. This house will smell so wonderful soon!
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  17. Me love tech
  18. Pretty much, at least the way I make them... There is a more complicated way that involves crushing up a sheet cake and mixing the crumbs with frosting and then molding the goo into various shapes before dipping, but bah, that's a lot of work!

    I have a kindergartener, so I like them because they are small and easily wrapped and transported. I got all crafty one day and made a big styrofoam display that will hold a few dozen of them, so I make them and load up the display for the kids to sell at their fund-raisers or to enjoy at class parties.
  19. i cook basically anything, today was polish sausage cooked in orange juice. and chicken salad
  20. I love cooking everything from creme brulee to Filet Mignon. Once it took me 3 days to clean up from my kitchen mayhem.
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