Cookies are Coming

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  1. The cookies are coming.:eek:
    I founded a new group called the cookie patrol and i am happy to say we give away cookies for free. I thought it be funny just for one night and now its a full time thing. its gonna be cool we will travel through all the servers and give cookies to anyone thats on. so we are gonna go to smp1 tomarow 8/15/2012 so be in town at home. we will go in order from there and we will have plenty of cookies. but we still except kind cookie and rupee donations to keep us going. so plz donate and enjoy the cookies.
  2. Soo.. you just go around giving out free cookies? Sounds like something I (note the name) would appreciate! :p
  3. I will run both my farms for you guys!
  4. 1012? Do you have a time machine? Jk but that sounds like a really cool idea and I can't wait for tommorow.
  5. oh i meant 2012
  6. Haha I know what you meant :p I was just making a joke.
  7. OMG if it means 1012 that means your in the future and you built 2 time machines. one to go here then another to go back to 1012!
  8. plz dont be mean :mad:
  9. I changed your small date problem =]
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  10. thx nurse u r gr8 :)
  11. Yay......cookies for everyone :D
  12. After me and my friend run some Emergency tests on our ( Mega res Farm ) i will be glad to give 8 stacks of cocoa beans!!! :D :D :D :D ( we make about 8 - 12 stacks each run )
  13. thx for the donation we will be glad to accept it :D
  14. I might not be on at the time where you give the cookies, but I hae a solution! I'll set up a cookie sell chest at either 1254 or 1134, so please be sure to check both! And Thanks! :D
  15. sure, but the time we will be in smp1 will be a surprise :D
  16. ooww i forgot to say, because we are a new company, our number of cookies we will deliver is 16 cookies each player who is connected :D
  17. We are now also excepting emerald donations so we can get cookies from my villagers. plz donate.:D
  18. Today is the cookie day for smp1 :D
  19. Okay! The cookie chest of mine is set up at 1254. Please don't forget!