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  1. The cookie patrol just finished giving cookies to smp1, we were quite disorganized but we made it, some people that were connected do not receive cookies because the were AFK, also if u trash our cookies you will not receive anymore from us, and me and daffidill will deliver cookies for the people who are connected in smp2, so be there on sunday, the time: surprise :D. (we need time to organize, its really complicated so dont be mean :p)
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  2. Lolwhut?
  3. Cookies..
    *goes SMP2*
  4. By the way, how would you know if someone trashed your cookies?
  5. well what i really meant is that if we see u trashed it, but also the cookies have nanobots that will control the minds of EMC, :D JK
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  6. that makes sense! now, about my cocoa farm... *goes to smp2 only to see his res go up in flames*
  7. Bran Washin' Haxxor. :p
  8. 1.3.2 is already out and lags the cookies
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