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  1. As a few of you may know, I build many buildings and places for players.
    And I decided to create a Building Service for you all.
    Many players has asked me to create them a place for them, and I don't
    even have a building service.


    So now is a perfect time to start one!

    I build Malls , Mansions , Houses , or even decoration uses.
    Jungles, Amusement Parks, Nature Parks etc.

    All prices will be different depending on what
    kind of build it is.

    Normal prices are :

    If you supply the materials

    Price :

    If I supply the materials

    Price :


    If we both supply
    Price :



    Here are some pictures of my builds.

    Owner : Nick_Godoy & Yankees518

    SMP1 -Mega Mall - Residence 2222
    1 Day to finish

    Owner : TheMiniKins & Jeremy_Gutspear

    SMP1 -Mega Mall - Residence 1597
    Few weeks to finish

    Owner : Colesta1200

    SMP3 - Mega Mall - Residence 7216
    5 days to finish

    Owner : Fermat8

    SMP1 - Mega Mall - Residence 1950
    3 days to finish

    Message me in game or inbox me if your interested in buying

    a build.

    These are a few of my builds, I have plenty more!

    Hope you enjoy my service!
    Thanks so much for reading and have a great day.
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  2. I loved working with this builder, I am the owner of the Mega Mall of residence 7216 on smp3, and I am so glad that I got to work with Cookie Inc. I will be referring them to people in the future, and I might even use his services again! :) Thanks Cookie! <3
  3. No problem, glad my service helped !