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  1. Hey, EmpireMinecraftianz! Creppa here with some EXCITING NEWS!!! We all know in 1.3.1 we can harvest cocoa beanz, right? Well, I have discovered a way for you to make a Cookie Generator! Here are the steps on how to make a Cookie Generator! First off, Here are the mat. you need to make this amazing discovery!

    1. 3 Dispencers
    2. 37 blocks (any kind)
    3. 3 sticky pistons
    4. 13 redstone dust
    5. 1 lever
    6. 3 Jack-o-lanterns
    7. 2 pistons
    8. 9 redstone torches
    9. 1 water bucket
    10. 1 Wooden Hoe
    11. 1 redstone repeater

    Now, heres the steps to make this!

    1. First, have 2 blocks in your inventory. Place 1 of the 2 blocks down. Place the 2nd one down, making a 1 block gap in the middle.
    2.Place 2 dispensers down on the blocks (optional) If you have seeds and bonemeal ATM, place bonemeal in the right dispencer and seeds in the left dispencer.
    3. Make a 2x1x2 hole starting from the gap. Place a stickey piston on the far side and 1 redstone dust where the gap was.
    4. Cover it up with 2 blocks (Whatever you want), and place a lever on the gap space. This lever effects our little gate...
    5. Place a dispencer DIAGNALLY down from the left dispencer. This dispencer is for Cocoa Beans...
    6. Dig a hole 2 blocks away from the lever (2x1x2) On the right side, do another hole, but make it 2x1x1.
    7. Close to the lever, put a stickey piston. Place a dirt block on top of the stickey piston. Near that in the same hole, put 1 redstone torch on that block.
    8. On the right side, do 2 redstone dust on the 2x1x1 hole. Aim the cross at the redstone torch and add a stickey piston on top of the torch.
    9. Put a Jungle Log on the top piston.
    10. For the bug switch, place the "Whatever block you like" block left from the dirt. Place a stickey piston. Face the stickey part to the jungle log.
    11. Put the "Whatever you like" block on the stickey part of the stickey piston.
    12. Place a redstone torch DIAGNALLY in front of the "Whatever" block. Onthe left of the redstone torch, place the "whatever" block so its near the dirt.
    13. Run 2 redstones down so it could connect to the 2x1x1 section.
    14. Next, get some Jack-o-lanterns. Then, place it where it DOES NOT cut off the redstone. Place a redstone dust on the Jack-o-lantern.
    15. Now, place the whatever blocks to cover up the redstone. Place another one on top of the block you placed.
    16. Place a redstone torch on top of the 2 blocks. Place a block on top of the torch. Place a whatever block so the jungle log is DIAGNALLY on the top of the log. Place another one DIAGNALLY from the whatever block near the jungle log. Place 2 blocks left from it so the last block touches the stickey piston. Now for the sequence for the redstone stuff on top of the blocks are a redstone repeater in the middle and 2 redstone dust on the sides.
    17. Put a redstone torch near the other torch for it to NOT be lit. Put a block right in front if it, and a Jack-o-lantern on the right.
    18. Just cover the holes in the generator, and.. your done!

    But we need to let the dispencers shot out in the following order.. Seeds, Bonemeal, Cocoa Beans, Bonemeal.. By this, we need a T-flip flop.. I cant fully explain this method, but my amazing brother will show you how to make this if you dont fully understand the steps! I hope me (or my brother) helps you have a food gen! My brother uses rare itms like Glowstone and Circle Stone. If you have these items, I would highly recommend to use those items! If you need any questions, tell me below!

  2. I just forgot that you need the water bucket and the hoe!! Just follow my bro's tutorial :oops:
  3. This is ONLY for 1.3.1!
  4. A-m-a-z-i-n-g
  5. What's your bros username, on Youtube?
  6. Thank you, Spelling champ ;)

    Thankz, buddy!

    EDIT: Mark, he just told me he's too shy xD
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  9. His username on Youtube :p
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  11. Haha nice video
  12. Thanks! My brother did it...
  13. 47k subscribers? 3 million views? WHAT!
  14. He is one heck of a guy, right?
  15. Thanks for this dude, I just modifyed it to only cocoa beans. :)
  16. Why not the seeds also? This is a cookie gen :p
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  17. Why that no

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  18. I dont get you...

  19. OK, you lost me there.

    I have 2 blocks, one above the other.

    One is "2 down", the second is "one down".

    No gap.

    So I got lost at step 1.