Conversations By Participants Instead Of Sender

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  1. Right now if I go to my Inbox>Show All...

    And say I sent a message with the same title to 3 different players.

    They will look exactly the same because:
    1) Title is the same.
    2) Sender is the same (me).
    3) I sent them roughly the same time.
    4) Last post is by me (until I get a reply).
    5) 2 participants.

    Anyways, the point is, it's hard to find the message I sent to a specific player later. Any time I am the last person to reply to the conversation, I no longer know who the other participant is without opening all the messages.

    I end up having to do some kind of fix by putting the username in the title. (For example Mining Status Player A, Mining Status Player B, etc...)

    So it would be really great if there were a way to have the conversations visually distinct based not just on who sent them but on who they were sent to or between.
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  2. how would this work with conversations with multiple participants? also i think the mail system is xenforo and thus cant rlly be messed with
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  3. You would just list 'conversation between Player A, Player B, and Player C', or 'conversation between Player A, Player B, and 29 others...'.

    I'm sure it could be difficult if the forum uses a third party software, but that also means the possibility to post on their forum or message developers or use a third party mod or read a blog/forum thread which may solve a similar problem.