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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by runtaylorun1, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. So, how 'bout this weather we're havin'
  2. Uh... 80 and cloudy... I'll take it.
  3. Derp. It just started raining. :(
  4. BALD, BALD, BALD!!!!!
  5. I came back to Alaska after a vacation just in time for it to have record-high heat. (Well, you know, hot for Alaska).
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  6. Its a nice 50 degrees and cloudy!

    Ill be moving to colder weather in a week, so yay for me!
  7. Send that my way \o3o/. Stupid North Carolina is always hot :C

    Right now it's cloudy, rain coming in a few hours and it's a nice temp I guess, my crappy Thermal Heatpump/AC is working right.
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  8. Used to be constant 90's but now its getting a bit cooler.
    Rain, rain, and more rain....
  9. The reason why its going to be cold, is cause Seattle is right on the water. So the cold Ocean breeze will be blowing the entire time. I cant wait to smell the ocean again. Instead of smelling Fried chicken and biscuits! I want to smell fish and good cooking, not fat and lard smothered food.
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  10. Lol, did you live in Kentucky >.>
    I live near a lot of KFC's lol.
  11. I live in Henderson, NC. ( I dont mind saying what town im in, cause i dont like it anyway ). Its full of fried chicken places. :/
  12. Wut...
    I live in Fremont, California, if you have heard of SF, Oakland, San Jose, New Wark, or Union City, you know where I live >.>
  13. Mmm Bojangles. LOL. I'm in New Bern, seems everywhere I go here I'm not far from a Bojangles.

    I took the bus from Kentucky to North Carolina, from Kentucky to the middle of Tennessee it was Waffle House and KFC everywhere. From middle Tennessee to North Carolina it was nothing but Home Depot and Bojangles.
  14. Tell me about it, and you cant forget McDonalds also. Is everywere i look, its a fried food place. In Seattle, is all fresh food. The sushi is as fresh as it can get. The fish is caught daily. Its just the freshest food you can get in Seattle.!
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  15. I read all of that in you're voice ... eeep!
  16. -_-
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  17. Its Raining.
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  18. well i made a good conversation starter.
  19. You've been making a lot of posts like Red Robin and this one.. Hmm