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  1. I took screenshots of some ides for a project me and friends are doing and I don't know how to put them in a conversation, but I know how to put them in a thread.
  2. I have this Problem also. If its what I think Its for you can post it on the thread :). But They Should Make it so you can put images in a Convo. Would be really nice, *Pokes Aikar*
  3. First go to your minecraft folder and go to the screenshot folder and pull the photo you want to use on your desktop.

    You then want to go to

    You don't need an account, just click computer under upload image

    Let it upload

    When it sends you to the photo, click the photo. It should send you to the photo with a white background with a web address hat starts with i.imgur

    Copy the link

    Go the forum message and click the little tree photo

    Enter the link

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  4. Yeah i need to post it because its really important.
  5. Thank you TheMinner333
  6. Do as minner said and upload to imgur. I hope it works.