Continuously high memory usage

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  1. I've been using my new computer for maybe two and a half months now. I have a GIGABYTE motherboard and a 4 gigabyte RAM. But I continuously get painstakingly high RAM usage warnings. I've gotten warnings (Norton warnings, like on the side) that say, "High memory usage by: [...] Google chrome.. Spotify... ROBLOX player.. host process for windows services.. even windows explorer itself for christ's sake. Pics:

    Look at that memory usage! What the flip! That's almost 94% of all of my RAM.

    Now, I know my RAM isn't high, being 4 gigabytes. But I'd appreciate it if anyone knows how to avoid buying another 4 gigs, because who knows, maybe my memory will suddenly require 8 gigabytes. I really think of another 80$ as a last case scenario.

    Thank you guys for any help
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  2. Well I have a silly story relating to I was playing minecraft and I had recently downloaded a texture pack and I crashed my game using it. It said my RAM was all used up. Now i have 8 GB of RAM and this has never happened. I never thought it could be the texture pack so I spent about an hour looking for solutions and almost went out to buy more and I realized it might have been the texture pack. So I went back to the website and realized I had accidentally downloaded at 512x512 texturepack instead of my usual 32x32 or 64x64. This pack was insane, it required over 16 GB of RAM for itself to run!! That's crazy! Idk just a silly story, check and make sure your texture packs are fine :)
  3. Haha, thanks, sadly I don't even run MC when I get these seemingly memory leaks :(
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  4. It appears that you have a large amount of programs open, try closing some.
    Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
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  5. The classic answer:)
    Also I would suggest closing programs as said above and seeing if you get the issue if you are on linux maybe...
  6. What version of windows are you running? I have a Fujitsu netbook with Windows Vista(or 7), and a certain 'hidden' program called "netsvcs" uses up all of the RAM.

    The only way I know how to fix this issue through my hours of searching, is to open up the performance monitor, locate the netsvc.exe on that list, right-click and "end process tree". This is only a temporary fix, as it may stay closed between 5 minutes and a few hours, but when it restarts it will resume chowing down on your RAM.
  7. I've been having this same problem with my computer. Windows 8.1. Didn't have the problem before I updated, but it also didn't appear right away. It's kind of annoying, but it usually just means that I have to turn my computer off/log out at night, it only matters when I leave it on for more than a day. It's a little weird because I have 16gb ram and it STILL manages to constantly use it all. HPConnectedRemoteService is a process I've noticed uses a TON of RAM, I usually just end up closing it from task manager.

    Something to try that may or may not have worked for me (not really sure, it seems to have made it better) is expanding the virtual memory. To do this, go to Control Panel/System and Security/System then click System Properties, Advanced, Performance Options, and then under the Virtual Memory category click the "Change" button. Not a huge computer guy, so this may be wrong, but the way I understand it, if all the RAM is being used, Virtual Memory kicks in to take some of the load off. VM creates a file that uses disk space, so make sure you've got space on your hard drive. Hope that helps.
  8. Connected Remote Service sounds like someone is taking control of your computer remotely
  9. It's a program that comes pre-installed on HP computers like mine. Something to do with easily sharing files with other HP machines. But I suppose it is possible that a man with a tin foil hat is out there watching me play Minecraft :O
  10. Swear to god, over 10 times the last 2 days xD
    Windows 7.
    I know there's svchost, and some other things with svc in it, but from what I've read they're pretty essential. As soon as I opened this thread, handy dandy norton reminded me how much chrome was terrible at controlling its memory
  11. Eww... Norton. xD
    The tech crew at my high-school would lynch you if they saw that.
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  12. I don't use antivirus programs. Why bother paying for a service that does what you can easily do yourself?
    Anyway, it might be a virus running somewhere on your computer. There are some viruses that Norton and other things just can't detect. I can probably help with that, you can talk to me in a PM about it.

    Also, Chrome isn't nearly as bad about memory usage as internet explorer is. Explorer would be using about 10 times the memory Chrome usually uses. I looked at that once.
  13. Do you have this problem in safe mode? I would start there. Disable everything you have auto running at startup one item at a time until you have it down to just Windows if you have to.
  14. First, Norton is a bit of a virus itself. Anyone who tries to uninstall it knows what I am talking about. I would recommend removing it and using Avast or a similar antivirus instead. When you go to uninstall it, always check the corners for small buttons that actually uninstall it instead of zipping through and clicking the big "keep all of Norton's other programs" button.

    Also, do you have a bunch of Chrome plugins?
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  15. Hmm, I would highly recommend getting more RAM. You may live with the 4GB at the moment but in the future this would more than likely not be enough. It's always best to future proof :). If you want to save RAM space try closing down all the unnecessary programs that are open, like spotify. Use it on the web or on a mobile device maybe? :) Other than that I cannot see what else is causing such a large memory usage other than Chrome...

    I am currently using 5 GB of my memory and I don't have many of my usual programs open, only minecraft, steam and chrome right now... so I would recommend investing in upgrading your memory :)
  16. Thank you everyone for your responses so far :) I've never paid for norton, I'm currently using the temp subscription that came with the windows install drivers, after that I'll probably replace it.
    I'll try to reboot the computer in safety mode today, and pm silverman. =3
  17. As this might solve te problem it's still not right that all of the 4gb ram is being used.. I have 12gb and I hardly use 3 of it.. (Depending on what i do)
  18. It looks like your main problem is related to committed memory. Adding up the numbers in task manager is nowhere near the 3.5Gb it says you are using but according to the numbers at the bottom of the second image, windows is committing close to 5Gb of memory. I am not an expert in this stuff, but I am pretty sure this means your computer is using all of its ram and is also using the Paging file on your Hardrive as additional source of ram. Try clicking on the processes tab -> right click on the memory column -> choosing select columns -> and checking the committed memory box. From there, tell it to sort the processes by committed memory and maybe something will stand out.
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