Continuing the outpost

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  1. Needing a Claim? Still needing the area to be claimed, the last thread was the same, though this one will have a bit more information, now that I've got the wall around it nearly complete.

    We're recruiting members to be apart of the kingdom, though only a village and a keep is nearly complete, me and a fellow friend of mine, is working in separate locations, my friend is working on a village, we're hoping to trade goods, as I *Maximus_the_II* will be continue to work on the keep, due to this, people can be in charge of a village or a keep, as a mayor, or duke, maybe or a different title such as Jarl, though that is up to you if you're wanting to own land for the empire.

    People could then make a bridge as well as roads to each other, making sure that they have a faster way to getting to a keep or villages. Though it will not be easy, to gain such a role, you must rank up within the kingdom, earn reputation, or at least coin, to rank up.. *You can bribe for your ranking* With each branch comes ranks, as I said before in the other thread, there can be many ranks within those, and with new branches to be added, there shall be new ranks, if you have your own land and you wish to join in on the kingdom role play, please whisper Maximus_the_II who treads on smp2 server, to see if you're able to get his acceptance. Though *Again* it won't be easy making such ranks.. you must prove your loyal.

    Ranks: With each branch, there shall be ranks, though it depends on your action and how you interact with other people, to see if you progress or not. For example, say that you're a dweller who just now joined in on the kingdom, you start out as a tradesmen, given by your skill and how you interact with people showing them respect, and accepting a mission that has been given to you by a higher ranking, or branch; You then feel the need to progress up to the next rank, doing so you continue to interact with people showing them respect. hearing on how you do will increase the chances on you ranking up, though it mainly depends on the branch leader, if the branch leader finds you displeasing *On the fact that they dislike you* then have a word with Maximus_the_II, he or she will be able to do something about the situation.. though it depends on if the village or city/keep was made him or someone else, (If the village was made by Maximus_the_II, you need to have a word about it with him, if it was made by someone else, and he had it for some time BEFORE joining the kingdom, then I suggest you have a word with that person. )

    Again, let Maximus_the_II who's on Smp2 server, know. For more information.
  2. I'm hopeing to get apart of the village complete, before I work on the road along with the bridge leading to it and the keep of Maxwell. You guys are able to type replies on here as well if you dislike visiting the server that way.