[Contest] Wondrous Residences of EMC Contest

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  1. Event Type: Contest

    Event Description: To celebrate my up-coming one year anniversary on EMC, ChrisPaperX and I have decided to host a contest. To identify and recognize the terrific builds made by players in their Residences in Town. There are three categories: Grand Prizes, Regular Prizes, and Creative Prizes.
    • Grand Prize Rules. The residence can be on SMP1 through SMP9 including Utopia. The build can be anything: castles, malls, huge projects etc. Winning builds are deemed by how impressive, huge, magnificent, and awe-inspiring they are. An EMC "Wonder of the World".
    • Standard Prize Rules. The residence must be on SMP1 through SMP9. Utopia residences are excluded. The residence must be limited to one residence lot. Residences that combine multiple residence lots are excluded. The Regular Prize is intended to recognize domiciles, structures that resemble real world houses, where single families reside in. Castles, Hotels and Malls are excluded. Winning builds are judged by how much they resemble a real house. Artistic houses and historical houses are welcomed.
    • Creative Prize Rules. The residence can be on SMP1 through SMP9 including Utopia. The Creative Prize is intended to recognize structures that are not huge projects or houses. They are more artistic and creative in nature. e.g. Roller-coasters, statues, parks. The creative prize is not intended for Redstone machines - sorry. We are looking to award beautiful imaginative builds that look good in a picture. Winning builds are judged by how creative, unique, and artistic they are.
    Event Time/Date:Contest submissions must be submitted NLT 31JAN2014. Prizes will be awarded in the first week of FEB2014.

    How to Submit: Reply to this thread by 31JAN2014. The thread must contain the following:
    • Server Name e.g. SMP1
    • Residence Lot Number e.g. 403
    • Residence Owner. This is the owner of the actual build/lot. Only the owner will be awarded the prize.
    • Contest Category. Either Grand, Regular, or Creative. You can only pick one category.
    • Description. Short description of the build.
    • 1 Screenshot/Image of the Build.
    A valid entry must contain all of the requirements listed above. In addition, everyone must have teleport permissions to the residence and be able to move about. If I teleport to your residence and can only see a small room, the build will not win.

    Prizes: Each of the three categories will have three winners. ChrisPaperX and I will decide the winning entries. The prizes are as follows.
    • Grand Prize
      • 1st - Turkey Slicer Sword (2013 Thanksgiving Promo)
      • 2d - Turkey Slicer
      • 3d - Turkey Slicer
    • Standard Prize
      • 1st - Turkey Slicer
      • 2d - Turkey Slicer
      • 3d - Turkey Slicer
    • Creative Prize
      • 1st - EMC Firework New Years 2013 Celebration Firework
      • 2d - Independence Day Firework 2013 Celebration Firework
      • 3d - Independence Day Firework 2013 Celebration Firework
    If you wish to donate prizes to this contest, please do so by creating vouchers. Create a Written Book with the information below, and drop it in my donation box in my SMP1 403 res. The Written Book must have the lines below. After the winners have been decided, I will create access chests on my res SMP1 403. I will place your award vouchers in the chests. The winners can then contact the donators and exchange the vouchers for their prizes.
    • Wondrous Residences of EMC Contest - Award Voucher
    • What category/prize. e.g. This prize is for Creative 1st Place.
    • Prize description. e.g. 1000 rupees
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  2. Congratulations to the Winners. Access chests have been setup at my res on smp1. Thanks for participating.
    • Eclipsys
    • Kman122000
    • Inuyasha1204
    • Elysianx
    • xHaro_Der
    Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 3.11.29 PM.png This is a place-holder to announce the contest winners.
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  3. This is a place-holder to recognize all the donations received.
  4. Pictures of the Prizes….

    ts.jpg emc firework.jpg ind firework.jpg
  5. Server Name: SMP3
    Residence Lot Number: 7027
    Owner: Kman122000
    Category: Grand Prize
    Description: A giant tree with a fairly modern interior, and garden in the top. 2013-12-31_11.07.57.png
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    • Server Name - Smp2
    • Residence Lot Number - 3011
    • Residence Owner - Inuyasha1204
    • Contest Category - Standard
    • Description - Small Italian Villa, with Vineyard. Including a small winery trucking business.
    • Screenshot

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  6. Inuyasha, 3011 looks awesome. Would 3011 be a better fit with the the "Standard Prize" category? It's your decision though. Thanks for participating!
  7. Ill add it into the Standard category!
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  8. Server Name - Smp2
    Residence Owner - Elysianx
    Residence Lot - 3013
    Contest Category - Standard
    Description - Medium sized mansion. Small pond in the front yard with a horse stable...
    Screenshot - I cant upload one right now, i will here soon. :)
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  9. bump. I want to see your builds, people.
    • Server Name SMP1
    • Residence Lot Number 1148
    • Residence Owner. xHaro_Der
    • Contest Category. Creative
    • Description. Centauri Tower; this build was started by myself on my 30th (ish) day. It began with inexpensive materials that were given to my by close friends. Soon enough I began to grow with more funds for the build and thus was able to upgrade it to what it is today.
    • 1 Screenshot/Image of the Build
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    • Server Name SMP 1
    • Residence Lot Number 104
    • Residence Owner. Eclipsys
    • Contest Category. Grand
    • Description. The tower I built as a celebration of my 1000th post on the EMC forums and my near 1 year one EMC
  10. there goes one of the grand prizes :D eclipsys why you so good?
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  11. He uses the same build for almost every building contest. :p
  12. Oh look, grand prize winner already! :p
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  13. Come on guys. I want to see your builds. It only take a few minutes to take a screenshot and post.